Hi, i'm leigh

I'm the author of the novel The Fallback Plan, about a young woman who moves back home after graduation (New York magazine called it "highbrow brilliant"), a poetry collection called Dispatch from the Future that's been described as "Anne Sexton on Twitter" (Publisher's Weekly chose it for the Best Summer Books of 2012), and a memoir about young love, obsession, abuse, and loss called Land of Enchantment. Right now I'm working on my fourth book, a novel.

I've written for the New York Times, the Washington PostAllure, ELLEPoets & Writers, BuzzFeed, The Cut, Salon, and Slate. Click here for my clips. 

I'm the cofounder of BinderCon, the conference for women and gender variant writers, and I'm a teacher and writing coach dedicated to helping my students finish and publish the work that means the most to them.

Leigh Stein rhymes with Bee Spine.

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